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Master Well Comb is the manufacturer of high quality men's toiletries since 1935. Master Well Comb offers professional hair care products including shampoos, hair dressing, styling prep, hair spray plus much more. We also offer a large selection of our very popular after shave lotions.

Master Well Comb - Manufacturing High-Quality Men's Toiletries Since 1935.


Pomades & Waxes

Krew Comb | Pomade | Wax

These styling products have smooth control with refined shine and medium hold. Our easy to use formulas give long lasting style with excellent moisture and control.

Available in 4oz | 16oz


Blue | Bay Rum | Breeze | Checker Flag | Musk | Lilac Vegetol | Topaz

A Quality After Shave Lotion - We guarantee a compliment when you try our popular after shave lotions. Our scents include: Champagne, Master Blue, Musk, Topaz, Bay Rum, Iceland Breeze, Lilac Vegetol, Challenge, Focus, Lord & Master, Spice, Checker Flag.

Available in 3oz | 8oz | 15oz


Hair Dressing | Invigorating Shampoo |
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | Hydrating Conditioner

Master haircare products provide flexible control, excellent conditioning, and anti-frizz benefits. Panthenol and Lanolin rich formulas provide superior moisture and helps to prevent and correct split-ends and make hair more manageable.

Available in 12oz | 32oz

White Talc

White Talc

Master Ultra-Fine White Talc is made from the finest ground talc that goes on clean. Talc absorbs moisture, reduces skin irritation, and helps to hide nicks and blemishes.

Available in 16oz

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Master Well Comb Beard Oil was formulated to keep your beard and skin soft and hydrated. Our unique blend of natural essential oils, vitamins, and extracts work to promote healthier and stronger hair and foster growth. This fast absorbing formula is enriched with antioxidant rich Black Seed Oil and Black Currant Extract which strengthens hair roots and moisturizes your skin.

Available in 1oz

Black Gel

Black Gel

Our black gel provides all day grey coverage, enhanced black hair, and style control with no flaking. Washes out without shampoo. Enjoy your style and look younger too.

Available in 9oz

Styling Gels

Loose & Flow Gel | Tough & Shine Gel

Our gels provide excellent style and control without the flakes and the buildup. These superior quality gels provide healthy sheen and work to condition and hydrate the hair and scalp. Contains no alcohol, parabens, or sulfates.

Available in 16.9oz